Loan Rates Collateral Loans

Effective as of: 10/1/2023
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Collateral LoansTermsA plus ABC
Transunion Credit Score750 plus 700-749650-699620-649
New Vehicles and Vans (Never been titled)72-months/100% retail value5.50%6.50%6.50%7.50%
New Vehicles and Vans (Never been titled)60-months/100% retail value5.00%5.50%6.00%7.00%
Used Vehicles and Vans (Current and 3 yrs. old)60-months/Black Book5.00%5.50%6.00%6.50%
Used Vehicles and Vans (4-7 years old)36-months/Black Book7.00%7.50%8.00%9.00%
Used Vehicles and Vans (8 years and older)36-months/Black Book11.00%1.50%12.00%13.00%
Recreational Vehicles and 5th Wheels (New)72-months/100% retail value8.00%8.50%9.00%10.00%
Recreational Vehicles and 5th Wheels (Used)60-months/80% retail value8.50%9.00%9.50%10.50%
Mobile Homes - New84-months/90% retail value9.50%10.00%10.50%11.50%
Mobile Homes - Used72-months/80% retail value10.00%10.50%11.00%12.00%
Boats/Motors/Trailers/New60-months/75% retail value6.00%6.50%7.00%8.00%
Boats/Motors/Trailers/Used48-months/75% retail value6.50%7.00%7.50%8.50%
Motorcycle - New60-months/75% retail value7.00%7.50%8.00%9.00%
Motorcycle - Used48-months/75% retail value7.50%8.00%8.50%9.50%
Tractor/Farm Equipment - New72-months/100% retail value6.00%6.50%7.00%8.00%
Tractor/Farm Equipment - Used60-months/75% retail value6.50%7.00%7.50%8.50%
* Black Book Retail Average or equivalent for collateral items and Buyers Order for New Items
** Credit Score Dependent

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